Vegan Chocolates

Three vegan confections so good, you won't miss the butter

We have to give vegan bakers props for their resourcefulness–although sometimes their creations fall flat.

But these three vegan confections don't disappoint; they're so good, you won't miss the butter or cream. Chocolate lovers, this is for you.

Sweet: Baking cookies without butter can be a challenge, but New York City-based Jana Keith-Jennings' organic, vegan, gluten-free sandwich cookies ($5 for 3 cookies) are a revelation. They're baked at a low temperature, resulting in a nice, cakey texture. Our preferred combination: almond-oat cookies that encase a not-too-thick layer of cinnamon-scented chocolate. 

Missionary Chocolates: Made by a Portland, Oregon-based neuropathic physician, these handcrafted vegan truffles ($15 for a 5-piece sampler) are dense and rich. Founder Melissa Barry uses local ingredients in such flavor combinations as Vanilla Salted Caramel, Spicy Cinnamon Chipotle, and Meyer Lemon Explosion–our favorite, since the citrus flavor really comes through.

Sweet Silk Confections: These beautiful, bite-size vegan truffles ($14 for 9 truffles) are inspired by traditional Indian flavor combinations. We love the pleasantly sticky Mango Chile Coconut, made with organic agave and hand-rolled in coconut flakes, as well as the Date Rose Pistachio, fragrant with rose oil and coated in bright green pistachio powder.