The Ingredient That Will Change Your Sweet Potatoes Forever

Sweet potatoes are having their shining moment in the culinary world — and for good reason. According to the International Potato Center, more than 105 million metric tons of sweet potatoes are produced around the world annually. Hence their name, sweet potatoes possess an earthy, naturally candy-esque flavor, as well as a creamy, tender, mouthwatering texture. The beauty of sweet potatoes, other than their gorgeous color, is that they are extremely versatile and full of essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium, per Healthline.

Whether sweet potatoes are prepared as part of a savory entrée — like a sweet potato casserole with bacon — or as a saccharine side dish or dessert, such as honey roasted sweet potatoes, they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Moreover, there is one rather common yet unexpected ingredient you can add to your mashed sweet potatoes to give them an even tastier character.

Add oranges to your sweet potato recipe for a sweet, juicy kick

A unique sweet potato side dish recipe on Taste of Home, offered up by food writer and editor Kristin Sutter, is simple to prepare and calls for just a few basic ingredients. All you'll need for the heirloom recipe, which was shared with Sutter by a family friend, is a half stick of butter, light brown sugar, canned sweet potatoes, and some oranges — enough to yield about 10 slices and two to three cups of juice. You read that right: oranges! The juice from the oranges, in addition to enlivening the taste of the sweet potatoes with a pleasantly citrusy tang, prevents the sweet potatoes from sticking to the pan during the hour-long cooking process.

So, how big of a difference do the oranges make? According to Sutter, "The dish tastes kind of like candied yams with a delightfully bright twist, and the texture is similar to mashed potatoes." Next time you're whipping up a batch of sweet potatoes, whether for your Thanksgiving feast or just another weeknight comfort meal, be sure to add oranges to your grocery shopping list for an extra dose of vitamin C.