Modelo Just Announced A Citrusy New Flavor

Prefer your Corona with a wedge of lime, or your Blue Moon with an orange slice? If so, you'll definitely want to know about Modelo's newest flavor. The Mexican beer brand recently announced in a press release that Naranja Picosa will join its line of Cheladas.

As Modelo explains on its website, all Cheladas (or micheladas, as they're traditionally called) are citrusy in some way. In addition to Mexican cerveza, micheladas usually contain a combination of lime, salt, and tomato juice, with a variety of flavors and spices that vary from region to region. Currently Modelo's Cheladas come in Piña Picante, Limón y Sal, Mango y Chile, Tamarindo Picante, and Especial, all of which are inspired by classic michelada flavors. Naranja Picosa, which translates to "spicy orange," follows the same fruity formula of the other Cheladas, getting its flavor from orange, lime, salt, and chili, according to the press release.

What does Modelo's Chelada Naranja Picosa taste like?

Even if you don't typically enjoy drinking beer, you still may end up liking Modelo's newest offering, because micheladas in general don't have an overwhelming beer flavor. Due to its inclusion of tomato, seasoning, and spice, The Pioneer Woman actually refers to the michelada as a "Mexican Bloody Mary." Modelo's new Naranja Picosa subs the tomato juice for orange, so it can also be compared to a shandy.

As stated above, not all micheladas are orange flavored, but according to a recipe shared by Bon Appétit (which does contain the fruit), there's a significant amount of juice in the mix. This ultimately makes for a pretty citrusy drink, so don't expect Modelo's Naranja Picosa flavor to be subtle.

Despite being in a can, the label suggests it's as refreshing as the real deal, but if you want to experience your michelada the authentic way, try it served over ice in a pint glass rimmed with salt.