The Mexican Beer You Should Be Drinking For Cinco De Mayo

The Mexican beer you should be drinking for Cinco de Mayo

While you're sipping on margaritas and micheladas for Cinco de Mayo, don't forget about one of Mexico's most important beverages: beer. Mexico is the world's largest exporter of beer, both in terms of volume and value, and the country sends a whopping 75 percent of its cerveza to the U.S. Craft beer may get all the attention in this country, but as Forbes reported in December, Mexican beer is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., and the category is only expected to keep growing.

In fact, not only is Tecate America's fastest-growing light beer, but "Modelo Especial is the nation's fastest-growing beer overall," Forbes reported in April.

While most beer produced in Mexico is of the mass-market persuasion, the craft beer movement is picking up there, just as it is in the U.S. It's only a matter of time until we start seeing more of it on shelves here, too.

So this Cinco de Mayo, celebrate not only with tequila and mescal, tacos and guacamole; celebrate with some good old-fashioned beer, too.

Here are seven of our favorites.

① Negra Modelo: A darker lager with caramel notes, Negra Modelo pairs really well with food, particularly meat dishes, like carnitas or steak tacos.

② Corona Extra: A lighter lager, this is the top-selling imported beer in the U.S. Enjoy responsibly.

③ Dos Equis Amber: Reddish in color, this Vienna-style lager is simple and satisfying, with a fuller body than the lighter, crisper Dos Equis Lager Especial.

④ Bohemia Obscura: Another Vienna-style lager, this malty beer is a favorite in Mexico.

⑤ Pacifico: This refreshing lager may not win any flavor awards, but it makes for easy drinking, just what you want this Cinco de Mayo.

⑥ Carta Blanca: An American-style lager, this beer is also refreshing with a subtle sweetness.

⑦ Tecate: Watch out, world. Whether you're drinking Tecate or Tecate Light, the fastest-growing light beer in the U.S., you're only going to see more of these cans in the future.