Yes, Taco-Flavored Jelly Beans Really Do Exist

When you reach for some jelly beans, it's usually because you're in the mood for something sweet. But between JellyBelly's BeanBoozled collection, which features flavors like barf, dead fish, and toothpaste, and the Harry Potter inspired Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, where you can have a nibble of earwax, sausage, or soap, there's clearly no limit when it comes to jelly bean varieties.

If you thought these unexpected flavors only applied to the JellyBelly brand, candy company Brach's new jelly bean assortment might surprise you. Spotted at Target for $2.99, TODAY shares that Brach's is now selling bags of Late Night Taco Truck jelly beans. In addition to the beef taco flavor, the assortment includes churro, horchata, margarita, and of course who could forget, salsa and guacamole. Unlike the famous Harry Potter and BeanBoozled jelly beans, Brach's Taco Truck variety isn't designed to deceive, as the flavors are printed clearly on the bag, and each has a distinct appearance, aside from both guacamole and margarita being a similar shade of green.

What do Brach's taco jelly beans taste like?

According to shoppers who've already tasted the flavors, Brach's new jelly beans are unique, but worth trying. EatMigos, a popular taco reviewer on Instagram, says you can actually taste the corn and beef in the beef taco flavor. But what really impressed the reviewer was how close to the real thing the horchata and salsa flavors were. They explained in the salsa jelly bean you can actually taste the tomato, onion, and garlic, a sentiment that Instagram user CandyHunting also shared. Whether you actually want to eat jelly beans that taste like real salsa is up to you, but CandyHunting said it was still fun to try. For the ultimate taco truck experience, Best Products suggests combining the flavors by eating margarita and beef taco in one bite, or churro and horchata at the same time.

If you want to see for yourself how the taco truck-themed jelly beans taste, you'd better act fast, as these are only available for a limited time. On the Target website they're listed as a seasonal Easter item (sure, why not), so they may not stick around long past mid-April. The Mexican food-inspired jelly beans are also available at Walgreens across the U.S.