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You Can Now Customize Your Very Own Box Of Peeps

Whether you hate them or love them, there's no denying that Peeps tend to provoke passionate opinions from candy enthusiasts on both sides of the spectrum. The spongy, animal-shaped confections have long been a sweet Easter staple ... or, for true Peep fans, a year-round treat that has a variety of tasty uses.

A whopping two billion of the iconic marshmallow candies, which debuted in 1953, are made each year (enough to circle the earth about two and a half times), making the Springtime treat one of the most recognizable confections in the world (via Food Network).

Now, Peep-lovers have a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to customize their very own box of the pastel-colored treats just in time for Spring. In a press release, Just Born Quality Confections — the century-old family-owned candy manufacturer who has been producing Peeps from the start — unveiled a brand-new My Peeps program, which allows consumers to mix and match Peep colors, dips, and toppings to create the Easter basket-stuffer of their dreams.

"Year after year, we've seen our fans take classic Peeps Chicks to the next level by adding their own dips and toppings, which sparked the idea to create a convenient new way for fans to enjoy our Marshmallow candies exactly to their liking," said Caitlin Servian, Brand Manager for Peeps.

Peep lovers will be able to choose the color, coating, and sweet topping

Starting this week, marshmallow enthusiasts can visit the My Peeps website to craft their custom boxes. Consumers will be able to select the pastel chick color, chocolate dip flavor (either milk, dark, or white chocolate), and topping, choosing between confetti sprinkles, nonpareil sprinkles, chocolate chips, toasted coconut, crushed pretzels, and crushed cookies.

Over the years, Peeps has released dozens of flavors of the classic marshmallow treats (most recently, the brand unveiled a lineup of fruity new flavors, including Tropical Burst Marshmallow Chicks, Sparkly Wild Berry Marshmallow Bunnies, and Strawberry Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Milk Chocolate). However, the My Peeps selections will be limited to the best-selling classic yellow, pink, and blue marshmallow chicks.

"With so many tasty and colorful combinations to choose from, Peeps fanatics can gift themselves — or a fellow Peeps lover — with the ultimate treat this Spring," Servian said. The customized Peeps will come with an elevated price tag; a pack of 12 will set you back $29.95 plus shipping, in comparison to the typical $4–5 cost of a classic Peeps 12-pack (via Amazon).

However, even if this undeniably cute confection didn't quite top our Easter candies ranking, the limited-time opportunity to craft the Peeps of your dreams just might make the inflated price worth it for the most passionate of marshmallow candy enthusiasts. Interested Peep fans should act fast, the customizable My Peeps will only be available for a limited time while supplies last.