The Clever Trick That Will Keep Your Sandwich From Turning Soggy

Whether you like your sandwiches so stacked you can hardly fit them in your mouth, or you'd much rather prefer a plain grilled cheese, any type of sandwich is best enjoyed the first time around. After sitting in the fridge, however, not so much. How many times have you ever saved half of your sandwich only to find the bread soggy and unappetizing not long after? If it's happened to you too many times to count, you may want to employ this easy hack to prevent it.

In a video shared to TikTok, user @bornunicornyt shares that the secret is none other than a paper towel. According to the TikToker's instructions, you simply take your halved sandwich (though assumed this would work on whole sandwiches, too), wrap it fully in a single paper towel, then put it in an airtight Tupperware container. It's as simple as that, and judging by the comments on the video, it seems to work pretty well in preventing your sandwich from falling apart into a soggy mess.

Does this hack work on sandwiches with condiments?

As you'll see in the TikTok, the sandwich used to demonstrate the hack only has cheese and ham, but no condiments, or even moist ingredients like lettuce or tomato. So will the hack work for other types of sandwiches? The short answer is yes. Redditor u/FOODIEsaver tested it out on a loaded Subway sandwich, and with one slight modification, the hack was ultimately successful. Like the TikTok version, you'll need to wrap it in a paper towel, but u/FOODIEsaver says you'll need two per sandwich half as well as two sheets of aluminum foil.

The explanation for why this is effective can best be explained by The Daily Meal. The obvious reason paper towels work is that they absorb excess moisture from the sandwich. But they also protect the sandwich from condensation in the refrigerator, lunchbox, or wherever the sandwich is being stored. With double the amount of paper towel and extra foil, the amount of moisture that collects is minimized even further. And that ultimately means even sandwiches with condiments galore can still hold up in the fridge.