Kraft Is Teaming Up With Streetwear Brand Supreme For A Cheesy Collab

Don't feel like cooking, have nothing in the refrigerator, or need a quick and easy comfort meal? Look no further than Kraft Mac and Cheese. Boxed mac and cheese is always a reliable and tasty go-to, and although the neon orange stuff is not exactly gourmet, it's all part of the appeal. According to Supreme, however, the American classic is due for a bougie upgrade. For its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the streetwear brand is giving the popular boxed dinner a bit of a makeover. But not to worry, mac and cheese lovers, the recipe itself won't be altered.

Instead of the traditional macaroni-shaped pasta, Supreme's Kraft Mac and Cheese features pasta shaped like the individual letters of the Supreme logo. On the packaging, Kraft's beloved mac and cheese mascot, the Cheeseasaurus Rex, is sporting a fashionable Supreme t-shirt. Supreme is selling the 5.5-ounce boxes for a limited time, with availability beginning February 17 both online via the Supreme website and in Supreme stores, Complex reports.

This isn't the first time Supreme has collabed with a food brand

From the $24 Campbell's Soup candles to the Cheez-It's and wine combo that sold out in minutes, most people are willing to dole out a bit of extra dough for limited edition food items. And if affordability is one of the main reasons you buy Kraft Mac and Cheese, chances are you won't be impressed by the price tag on the Supreme version.

Supreme is no stranger to collaborations, in fact for its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, the streetwear company worked alongside another major food brand, Oreo, to release Supreme-themed Double Stuf Oreos. The cookies themselves were red and featured the Supreme logo in place of the Oreo logo. A pack of three was priced at a reasonable (yet still considerable) markup of $8, theĀ Food Network shares. If you weren't able to get your hands on a package directly from Supreme, you could try to purchase them on eBay for a whopping $92,000.

If the popularity of the limited edition Oreos is anything to go by, Supreme's Kraft Mac and Cheese will be in high demand, but as long as you click add to cart on February 17 or make it to a Supreme store on time, you probably won't have to drop 92 grand on it.