Campbell's Wants To Make Your Whole House Smell Like Soup

Sometimes you need an entire five-course meal to satisfy you, and other times a simple bowl of soup is enough of a feast. Whether it's homemade or reheated from a can, there's nothing quite as comforting as the aroma of chicken noodle soup filling your whole house. Now you can have that experience anytime you want, thanks to Campbell's (via Campbell's).

The soup brand recently announced the addition of two seasonal products, and this time they're not cans of soup, nor are they even edible. Instead, Campbell's has released candles in two different scents, one that smells just like their chicken noodle soup, and another inspired by the classic combo of tomato soup and grilled cheese

The candles are cleverly designed to look like the traditional Campbell's soup cans but with an extra festive touch — the plain red-and-white pattern is replaced with a white snowman wearing a red hat. This snowman theme also matches the candle itself. According to the product listing on Campbell's retail site, once the candle wax is fully burned, a Snowbuddy figurine will be revealed.

Where can you buy Campbell's soup candles?

Though they do look a lot like cans of soup, you won't be able to find these candles in the soup aisle of your local grocery store. They are, however, available for purchase online through the Campbell's website, or in-store at Camp shops located in New York, New Jersey, Dallas, and Connecticut, according to Food & Wine. At $24 each, the candles are much pricier than a can of soup, but Campbell's states on their website that 10% of the net proceeds from the candle sales will be donated to the nonprofit organization Feeding America.

If you want one (or both), you better act quickly. Campbell's soup candles are only available for a limited time and in limited quantities. Only 2,000 will be sold, a Campbell's spokesperson told Food & Wine. If you aren't able to get your hands on one, the museum shop of The Art Institute of Chicago also sells similar Campbell's soup candles, based on the Andy Warhol paintings, for $75 each. And while these candles won't make your house smell exactly like soup, they do come in food scents like tomato leaf, gazpacho, and fig. 

Then again, you could always just open up an actual can of soup ... but where's the fun in that?