Rum Mixers: 8 Drinks To Add For Simple, Tasty Cocktails

When we think of rum mixers, chances are tropical concoctions are the first to come to mind. If we aren't mixing rum with something fruity (who can say no to a Painkiller or Mai Tai?), we're probably mixing it with some standard cola. But there's so much more you can do with rum without breaking out the blender.

While rum is made from sugar, the taste isn't always super sweet. White rum can be on the dry side, while dark rum can have a woody flavor similar to scotch. Some rums can be mixed with tropical fruits and lots of ice, while others are best simply stirred with one or two ingredients to enhance the spirit's flavor. Simply put, rum is far more versatile than we may give it credit for. It can be used with plenty of different mixers — including some of which you may not have even thought to try in the past.

Given our knowledge of (and firsthand experience with) all types of rum — as well as information gleaned from research — we've compiled a collection of potential rum mixers to help get the inspiration flowing. If you're eager to enhance your sipping enjoyment, here's a list of top-notch mixers to combine with rum for a simple and tasty cocktail.

Club soda

Club soda is a go-to mixer for many. It's super versatile and can be used with many liquors — rum included. Case in point: if you're looking for a simple drink that's light and refreshing, mixing club soda with rum is a no-brainer. Now, when it comes to the best types of rum to use when mixing with club soda, we turn to the experts at Bacardi, who say something spiced is always nice.

Creating this cocktail is incredibly simple, as well. All you need to do is mix spiced rum with club soda then serve it over ice. If you'd like, you can finish it off with lime garnish. The tasty hints of vanilla from the rum are bound to pop from the bubbles of the soda water. If you don't have spiced rum on hand, don't worry — pretty much any rum will do. The flavor profile will just be slightly different depending on which rum you choose, but don't be afraid to experiment until you find your favorite combo.

Ginger ale

What do you get when you mix ginger ale with rum and ice? One impressive party drink that is easy to make and downright delicious.

The reason why this drink works is because of the flavor profile of the two ingredients. Ginger ale's flavor is less intense than ginger beer, so you can enjoy the natural flavors of the rum. And while spiced rum works well with ginger ale – particularly Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum), any aged rum will do, thanks to flavorful notes of all the good stuff: coconut, caramel, and vanilla.

While you could use light rum, it really won't stand out that much against the soda flavor, so we would suggest choosing another mixer if that is the only spirit you have on hand. This drink takes no time to create in the kitchen (or at the home bar) so not only will it be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, but a host-pleaser as well. 

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is by far one of the most popular mixers for rum, and we can see why. It's fruity, refreshing, and makes you want to sit on the beach for hours sipping under the sun. These two ingredients are simply meant to be, with flavors that just fit well together naturally. The end result is sweet, tropical, and goes down incredibly easy — don't say we didn't warn you.

Another reason why this drink is so great: there's no need to rush out to buy another type of rum to make it. No need to rush out for spiced or light rum if you only have dark. While you can simply use pineapple juice and rum together for the finished product, you can always kick it up a notch by also adding muddled mint or Maraschino liqueur (or both!) for some added depth.

Coconut water

Many people love coconut water and for good reason. Coconut water is not only low in calories but can also be low in sugar (just make sure it is not flavored). Coconut water also has electrolytes which makes it a popular post-workout (or hangover) drink. While it's great on its own, coconut water is also a perfect mixer for easy-to-prepare cocktails.

Rum and coconut water is one of those super simple drink recipes perfect for hot days. They suggest pairing an amber rum (Bacardi 8 is a good option) with chilled coconut water. Pour the rum over ice and then add the coconut water for an easy and delicious sip that is light and tangy, with a touch of vanilla thanks to the rum.


As we stated before, rum and coke go hand-in-hand. These two ingredients probably make up one of the most well-known — and basic — rum drinks, and we can't knock it. A rum and coke is easy to make and only requires two ingredients you probably already have in your home. Plus, just about everyone enjoys the combo. There's little room for error here, which makes for a perfect drink to enjoy at home relaxing after a long day, or while gathering with friends for a fun night out.

Another reason why this cocktail is so special is that it can be customized to your liking. Different rums will provide different flavors and, depending on what you're looking for, you'll be able to find the perfect mix with just about any rum you choose. For a real burst of natural rum flavors, try using both light and dark together to enjoy a mix of vanilla and caramel in one glass. You can always add in some freshly squeezed lime to change the drink from a simple rum and coke to a Cuba Libre. Either way, this drink rarely disappoints.

Iced tea

Who doesn't like a nice cold glass of iced tea? You may think of this drink for the summer. best enjoyed while sitting outside on a large, wraparound porch. And while we love sipping our tea on a sunny day, it is perfect for other times of the year, too. As we all know, iced tea is refreshing on its own, but it's also great when mixed with a spirit. While some might mix their iced tea with whiskey or associate spiked tea drinks with the infamous Long Island Iced Tea (which doesn't actually have any iced tea in it at all), we say rum is the spirit to give a try.

Making this cocktail is so easy because it only requires a few ingredients that you probably have on hand: tea, rum, and lemon juice. Add all three ingredients together, stir, and serve over ice. Voila! Simple ingredients make for a flavorful concoction but without being too much for the palate.

Root beer

Root beer definitely has a unique flavor. A mix of minty sweetness, there can be a slightly bitter note to the soda, too – making one wild ride for your tastebuds. When using root beer as a mixer, it's easy to achieve the perfect drink. All you need to do is combine both ingredients together and serve over ice for a quick and easy cocktail that is all about robust flavor. We think spiced rum works best in this combo, but other rums will taste fine.

But we can't think about root beer without thinking about a root beer float. Root beer and vanilla ice cream make the perfect sweet treat for kids and adults alike, but to make it even better for the adults, we say add in the rum too. Rum works well in a Coke float too, if you're not that big on root beer or run out but are still craving the sweet treat.

Apple cider

Apple cider is a refreshing drink, as it's sweet, but not too sweet, allowing the natural apple flavors to really shine. We love gulping down a cold glass of apple cider to quench our thirst fast, but the drink is also amazing when served warm, especially when it's chilly outside. And when you add some booze to the mix, apple cider takes on a whole new level of deliciousness and comfort.

You can add the spirit to cold cider, of course. But mixing rum with warm cider is a truly delightful experience. To make this drink, you'll need to heat the cider on the stovetop to get it warm before you add the rum. The key here is to also add some aromatic ingredients to the combination like orange slices, cloves or other spices, and cinnamon sticks to get that cozy fall vibe and make your kitchen smell heavenly. You should try this slow-cooked mulled cider recipe, also.


Whether you're looking to enhance the overall flavor profile of whatever type of rum you have on hand or aiming to reduce the alcoholic sting of straight liquor by diluting it with another ingredient, there's a virtually endless list of potential mixer options for rum (both good and bad). In that regard, whittling this list down to eight total rum mixers was heavily informed by our long personal history and experience with drinking various varieties of rum.

In addition to our firsthand knowledge and understanding of the taste of rum (and rum mixers), we researched information from various experts regarding the best mixed drink options for rum. The included mixers were chosen based on they taste when combined with different types of rum, the popularity of certain mixed drinks, and overall drinkability of a rum mixer with the spirit.