Trader Joe's Wants Your Vote For Its Annual Customer Choice Awards

Trader Joe's has a cult following of consumers who love its products and prices. Over 80% of the grocery chain's inventory is private label, which helps keep costs low so it can pass the savings on to shoppers (via Today). The company puts products through a rigorous research and taste-testing process before putting the TJ's name on anything; this commitment to quality has earned many of the signature offerings a following of their own. To capitalize on that popularity, Trader Joe's asks fans each year to name their most treasured items in its Customer Choice Awards.

Recently the specialty grocery store took to Instagram, asking followers to once again cast their vote online for the 13th Annual Customer Choice Awards. Shoppers choose their favorite Trader Joe's products in multiple categories, from favorite vegan/vegetarian options, snacks, and sweet treats to produce and home goods. Each category has one winner and four runners-up, and this year's list will be announced on January 24. In the meantime, fans of Trader Joe's products have not shied away from commenting their faves (and making some demands) on the post.

What are Trader Joe's customers voting for this year?

In a recent Instagram post, Trader Joe's encouraged customers to participate in the 13th Annual Customer Choice Awards and asked followers to comment which product should make it to the winner's circle. TJ's shoppers didn't hesitate to make their favorites known, while (of course) requesting that the store bring back some oldies but goodies.

A few former winners, like the ever-popular Mandarin Orange Chicken, are mentioned multiple times in the comments, as are Korean ribs, which could cause an upset in the entree category. (According to Trader Joe's, the Mandarin Orange Chicken has been awarded overall favorite for several years in a row.) Other honorable mentions include dill pickle mustard, vanilla ice cream, vegan kale pesto, and scented candles.

Trader Joe's has many limited-time or seasonal products that aren't always available, and followers didn't hesitate to nominate a few discontinued items in an effort to get them re-stocked. Multiple people called out the discontinued honey butter potato chips, while another asked, "Where's your ginger beer? I didn't see it this fall. If you don't tell me, I'll scream."

Judging from the comments, this year's Trader Joe's Customer Choice Awards might have a few surprises — stay tuned to see who makes the cut.