The Most Popular Products At Trader Joe's

The grocery store released a list in honor of its 50th anniversary

It's hard to imagine a time without Trader Joe's, but before 1967, people had to find their budget-priced cheese, milk and eggs elsewhere. In honor of Trader Joe's 50th anniversary, the company shared a list of 50 of its favorite products from over the years.

The list was compiled based on input from both employees and customers, and as expected, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. With so many great products to choose from, like mandarin orange chicken and triple ginger snaps, it couldn't have been easy to narrow down the list. Some of our favorites were included, like the Sriracha and roasted garlic BBQ sauce and dark chocolate almonds.

From frozen meals to fresh produce to decadent desserts, TJ's really does have something for everyone—all at affordable prices. I remember the first time I went food shopping at Trader Joe's; I wanted to hug the cashier after seeing how low my total was. Even a decent bottle of wine doesn't cost more than $10, and who can forget the four-pack of canned wine for $4? There's no other store like it, so here's to another 50 years, TJ's.

Did your favorite(s) make the list? Tell us in the comments below.