The 22 Best Restaurants In Denver

Denver, Colorado is a unique city that blends urban life with outdoorsy living. In addition to having some amazing hiking trails and a nature-forward environment in the surrounding mountains, the metropolis is home to a surprisingly innovative culinary scene. Despite being landlocked, the city has everything, from quality seafood restaurants to sleek steakhouses. According to Denver the Mile High City, the area has won a variety of prestigious culinary awards, including a few from the legendary James Beard Foundation.

Denver is also home to several food and wine festivals – including A Taste of Colorado and Cherry Creek Al Fresco — that celebrate the local fare with immense pride. And when you try the dishes from some of their featured dining establishments, it's incredibly easy to see why. Whether you're looking for a fancy dinner spot or a quality burger at lunch, here are the 22 best restaurants Denver has to offer.


Located in the chic Hotel Clio, Toro is a tasty hot spot specializing in Pan-Latin cuisine. The menu features Chinese and Japanese influences as well, resulting in innovative sushi rolls that make for the perfect appetizer. The restaurant is also famous for its vibrant ceviches — the Amarillo ceviche is a local favorite. When it comes to the main course, the grilled meats boast a smokey flavor and rich aroma, and all of the steaks are paired with a delicious Argentinian chimichurri. That said, while there is plenty to enjoy on the main menu, save room for the light and fluffy crepes layer cake — it's well worth it.

Frasca Food and Wine

Frasca Food and Wine brings authentic, fine dining Italian food to the Denver dining scene. This James Beard Foundation award-winning establishment highlights magnificent meals from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a small northeastern region of Italy that is home to some of the most flavorful and unique Italian dishes and fine wines

In addition to its stunning seasonal menu, Frasca Food and Wine also offers two chef-curated dining experiences. Guests can enjoy the Quattro Piatti menu for $125: Choose from a small selection of some of the restaurant's most popular dishes for a delightful four-course experience. For guests looking to get a well-rounded sense of Frasca Food and Wine's incredibly diverse menu, there is also a tasting menu with nine courses and an optional wine pairing.

Comal Heritage Food Incubator

Comal Heritage Food Incubator is so much more than your typical restaurant. It is at the pinnacle of community engagement. The establishment has a mission-driven business model committed to uplifting and supporting the economic development of immigrant and refugee women. In addition, the location brings together talented local chefs and aspiring entrepreneurs with various diners and members of the booming Denver food scene. Comal Heritage Food Incubator does all of this and more while serving incredibly diverse and bold cuisine. 

Because participating chefs in the restaurant's program change, the menu also varies. Regardless of the type of food available, Comal Heritage Food Incubator serves authentic, delicious meals from around the world with locally-sourced ingredients. 

Brasserie Brixton

You can recognize Brasserie Brixton by the colorful and vibrant mural located on the outside of the establishment. Upon walking into the dark blue, corner building, guests are greeted with European decor and a timeless vibe. Whether you're going out for girls' night or a romantic celebration, Brasserie Brixton is a solid spot in the heart of Denver. The caviar "bump" appetizer is a fun and unique starter to your meal, and it is perfectly followed by bread and butter. The French-inspired plates are best for sharing, so it is recommended to order a few different options for the table.

The Wolf's Tailor

Looking for a truly unique dining experience? Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Colorado's diverse natural landscape, The Wolf's Tailor offers a seasonal tasting menu for guests to enjoy. The establishment exemplifies the masterful use of local ingredients. While many restaurants steer clear of wild game and grains, The Wolf's Tailor chooses to highlight them, incorporating these unique Colorado delicacies in its pre-set, multi-course menu. That said, each meal attempts to showcase the location's incredible garden produce. The restaurant also abides by a no-waste philosophy, using every part of an ingredient as much as possible — whether it be in one of the dishes, the accompanying cocktails, or as garnish.

Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood

Since Denver is a landlocked state, it might not be the first city that comes to mind when searching for great coastal fare. However, Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood proves that the town does not skimp on quality seafood. According to the restaurant's official website, some of the oysters are even raised in collaboration with Blue Island Shellfish Farms in Long Island, New York. While the oysters make for a great starter, the Connecticut-style lobster roll with crispy french fries is a filling and decadent entree. Some other menu highlights include the Thai-inspired calamari and steamed mussels with yellow coconut curry sauce.

The Ginger Pig

What was once one of Denver's most renowned food trucks serving their take on Asian cuisine has recently opened its first brick-and-mortar location in downtown Denver — and its newly refined menu does not disappoint. The Ginger Pig offers high-quality, authentic Asian street food at reasonable prices. The restaurant's dine-in menu features some of the food truck favorites, including its famous Bangkok Balls — a delicious red curry rice ball appetizer — and a spicy Szechuan Chinese fried chicken. 

Some elevated dine-in-only favorites include the Vietnamese garlic noodles topped with shrimp, broccoli, and a show-stopping garlic butter sauce. The sit-down menu also recommends house-specialty cocktail pairings with some of the more popular dishes, further adding to the fun and exploratory nature of the restaurant's dining experience.

Hop Alley

Hop Alley is a local favorite that puts a modern twist on Chinese cuisine. Upon sitting down in the hip space, patrons are greeted with craft beers, creative cocktails, and local ciders. For appetizers, there are plenty of options to explore. From the chilled tofu to the grilled XO beans with spicy Sichuan crispy rice, these bite-sized morsels start your meal off on the right foot. 

Carnivores will love the tender meat options like the grilled bavette and Beijing duck rolls, but there are also plenty of vegetarian picks such as veggie fried rice and wok-tossed greens. If you want to leave with a souvenir, you can even grab a Hop Alley T-shirt on your way out.


One of Denver's most unique dining destinations, Beckon offers a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests Wednesday through Saturday nights. With seating available at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., each dining experience is expected to last between 2 to 3 hours, as the courses are chef-curated and fixed ahead of time. 

Beckon features four menus a year, with each dish and optional wine pairing changing with the seasons. You can sit outside on the beautiful, covered patio or indoors at the chef's counter, where you can watch the masterful cooks at work. Beckon has managed to create not only a collection of delicious dishes, but an artful culinary experience.

The Bindery

The Bindery is a great option in Denver if you're looking for a quaint space and a high-quality meal. The restaurant places a focus on artisanal ingredients and European-inspired dining. Whether you are looking to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, The Bindery does it all. This charming spot also hosts a wonderful happy hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Its menus feature innovative and unique dishes that change with the seasons, but some staple dishes include the OMG Chicken, Whole Branzino, and the ½-pound beef burger. The affogato is also a perfect dessert that is sensational without being too sweet.

Dimestore Deli Bar

Dimestore Delibar is so much more than a standard deli. While you can easily grab a sandwich to-go, the restaurant is a more elevated space that has a European flair. The various Dimeroll sandwiches available are the most popular: In addition to its standard options like the chicken parmesan and steak and cheese, the establishment also serves up unique recipes such as the grilled mango chile chicken sandwich and the vegetable muffuletta. 

There are tons of great sides to choose from, including the bacon potato salad, house-made salt and vinegar chips, and smoked chicken salad. You also can't forget its more eclectic options: try out the grilled peach glazed baby back ribs with corn and cotija cheese. 

Cherry Cricket

The Cherry Cricket is a casual eatery in the Cherry Creek neighborhood famous for its hearty and classic burgers. In addition to the retro interior, there is also a spacious patio where patrons can enjoy the crisp Colorado air. Locals have previously voted the diner as having the best burgers in the city at the Denver Burger Battle, proving its popularity. 

After selecting your patty of choice, you can customize your burger with everything from crispy poblano peppers and queso to peanut butter. Though some of these toppings are definitely more unconventional, The Cherry Cricket also keeps things simple with their standard American cheese and bison patty burger option — should you prefer it.

Work and Class

Work & Class, located in the lively Five Points neighborhood, is serving up some of the most delicious, simple, "no-fuss" Latin and American food in all of Denver. Combining the shared philosophy and culinary diversity of Detroit-native chef, Tony Maciag, and Mexican chef, Dana Rodriguez, the restaurant takes pride in its delicious, authentic, and fairly-priced menu. It makes sure to switch up some of its menu items seasonally, ensuring that produce is at its freshest and that the food options are always interesting — even to regulars. 

Some of the restaurant's more popular dishes include the rich and juicy red wine braised short ribs, delicious seasonal vegetables, sofrito, and Oaxaca cheese-stuffed blue corn empanadas. Of course, we also can't forget Work & Class' innovative house cocktail.

The Greenwich

Paying homage to its namesake neighborhood in New York City, The Greenwich brings a signature creative, inclusive energy to Denver. The restaurant does things family-style, serving a variety of meals that patrons can share and enjoy together. The Greenwich understands the importance of sourcing ingredients locally, so they preserve produce from nearby farms during peak harvest seasons to ensure they only offer the most delicious, fresh produce available — even during Denver's long winters. 

Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and New American cuisine, many of the restaurant's dishes feature bright citrus flavors and savory olive oil finishings — with no shortage of vibrant herb garnishes. The Greenwich also boasts an impressive happy hour menu, serving up $8 cocktails Monday through Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. and 9 to 10 p.m. 

Dio Mio

Dio Mio is the ultimate place to cure your craving for carbs in Denver. Its hand-made pasta is all made in-house and boasts a perfect texture with a simple and fresh taste. The restaurant's use of high-quality ingredients takes the simplicity of its noodles to the next level, and the plating is always a work of art. 

Despite the served portions being so beautiful and the food top-notch, Dio Mio is very casual. Guests order at the counter before snagging a table and waiting for their grub. In addition to pasta, Dio Mio is also very popular for its affordable and fresh wine list that pairs perfectly with meals.

Kiké's Red Tacos

Between the onion and cilantro topping and the rich consome, the birria tacos at Kiké's Red Tacos are both authentic and flavorful. They pair wonderfully with a crisp Jarritos soda, creating the perfect casual dining experience in scenic Colorado. All the tacos are served with zesty and spicy salsas, limes, and radishes. Whether you enjoy birria tacos on their own or prefer them covered in cheese, the restaurant serves up exactly what your heart desires. 

Keep in mind that Kiké's Red Tacos can sometimes sell out before closing at 6 p.m., so if you want to play it safe, arrive early to snag your order.


Uchi is a famous sushi restaurant that has multiple locations. This upscale joint serves classic Japanese cuisine in a sleek and enticing setting, making it a great date-night spot in Denver. From sizzling hot rocks to fresh nigiri, the meal options at uchi are pretty diverse, allowing a variety of preferences to be catered to. There is even a vegetarian menu for those who follow a plant-based diet. That said, if you can visit for the daily happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m., you can score some great deals on cocktails and bites ranging from sushi and sake to temaki.


Between the innovative plating and stylish interior, Ultreia is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that is a part of the Crafted Concepts restaurant group in downtown Denver. This tapas-style dining experience is great for lunch, brunch, or dinner, and is located at the iconic Union Station. Ultreia also has an amazing happy hour that runs Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

In addition to discounted drinks, patrons can also order $4 to $6 bites like bacon-wrapped dates and crispy calamari. The full dinner menu also includes popular Spanish dishes such as croquetas, patatas bravas, a variety of tinned fish, and a Basque cheesecake for dessert.


Annette is a sleek and chic restaurant perfect for a special date night out or celebratory dinner. The space is adorned with vibrant greenery and unique light fixtures, setting the mood for a romantic evening. There is also a covered patio for those that prefer outdoor dining. Backed by James Beard Foundation award winner, Chef Caroline Glover, Annette uses a farm-to-table approach to create innovative dishes such as chicken liver pâté, grilled beef tongue and marrow toast, and seasonal succotash. The oyster shooter is a great way to start off any meal, followed by one of many craft cocktails or the house sangria.

Farmhouse Thai Eatery

Located in the Lakewood neighborhood of Denver, Farmhouse Thai Eatery offers a casual and quaint space for locals and visitors to enjoy tasty Thai cuisine. For starters, the crab rangoons and summer rolls are great options. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, the shredded papaya salad offers a nice kick thanks to the fresh chilis. However, the noodles are what truly shine at Farmhouse Thai Eatery. Between the pad kee mao and super spicy Sriracha noodles, these dishes prove to be the ultimate source of comfort food. If you happen to catch it in season, the mango and sticky rice is another classic that is also worth saving room for.


Though it may seem strange, Linger in Denver used to be the site of the local mortuary. However, what was once a place centered around death is now a lively and modern restaurant in the heart of the city. The small plates are great for sharing, offering a tapas-style dining experience. There is also a hip rooftop lounge that uses a 1975 GMC RV as a bar and a repurposed food truck as a kitchen. The food doesn't revolve around one type of cuisine; instead, it features global fare such as steam bao buns, elote corn fritters, and Portuguese shortcakes. There are also plenty of cocktails to choose from, ranging from red sangria to an espresso martini.


UNCLE is a small and comforting ramen restaurant with two locations across Denver: Highlands and West Wash Park. Both sites are only open for dinner and closed on Sundays, making either spot a great place to enjoy an evening meal throughout the week. Delivery and take-out are also available with both establishments, and the appetizers are just as appealing as the ramen. From the spiced cucumbers to the kimchi potatoes, there are plenty of starters to explore. When it comes to the main event, the chashu ramen is a classic, and the veggie alternative has a miso-forward flavor that is vibrant and bold.