Uncorked Glass Company Resurrects Used Wine Bottles | Tasting Tables

Uncorked Glass Company gives wine bottles a second chance

Daniel and Hannah Hart sure aren't crying over a little spilled wine.

The couple dropped a wine bottle at a dinner in early 2011, and Daniel, formerly a builder by trade, noticed how it broke in half. The fractured glass spurred the idea for the couple's sustainable-glassware venture, Uncorked Glass Company.

Local Atlanta restaurants, as well as wineries from northern Georgia, donate used bottles to make the company's glasses ($36 to $60 for sets of four or six). The glasses are as attractive as they are eco-friendly, thanks to a polishing process that produces a smooth, thin lip.

Uncorked currently crafts clear tumblers and others in shades of gold, amber and green. Those looking for a smart gift can send a bottle from, say, a wedding or special event; Uncorked will fashion it into drinking vessels, then engrave the resulting glasses.

Upcoming offerings from Uncorked will include juice glasses made from old Sprite bottles, liquor bottles made into bowls, and a cobalt collection for the holidays.

All of which is worthy of a toast.