America's Favorite Grocery Store - Wegmans

Sorry, Trader Joe's

Results from the 2018 Market Force Information survey are in, and for the third year in a row, America's favorite grocery store is Wegmans (sorry, Trader Joe's).

Held in high regard by grocery store fanatics, Wegmans is the everything destination for its shoppers—you can't get school supplies, organic bath salts and freshly baked rainbow chocolate chunk cookies in one trip just anywhere.

According to the study (which polled 12,890 people in various household income brackets), the treasure chest of a store is tops for its cleanliness, produce and comparable store-brand products. People adds Wegmans also remains undefeated thanks to customers' high satisfaction and their tendency to refer the store to other shoppers.  

Meanwhile, Publix ties with Wegmans for cleanliness and item availability, and Trader Joe's takes the lead when it comes to the fastest checkout times and most courteous cashiers. Those factors aren't enough, though, to surpass Wegmans' overall score of 77 percent on the Market Force's Loyalty Index. (After tying with Wegmans last year, Publix came in second scoring 76 percent, and Trader Joe's came in third with 75 percent.)