'Game Of Thrones' Whisky - Johnnie Walker

Brace yourself: Whisky is coming

Maybe you've moved past being a real-life Cersei who can breeze through a jug of wine with ease, or a Tyrion who prefers breakfast accompanied by a horn of ale. In that case, Game of Thrones' new Scotch whisky might be exactly what you've been looking for.

According to Food & Wine, the spirit will arrive sometime this fall and will be the show's first officially licensed hard liquor outside of the wine and beer world. Produced by Johnnie Walker (and appropriately named White Walker), it's sure to satisfy both booze and GoT fans.

But like season eight's plot and George R. R. Martin's release date for The Winds of Winter, any other details are scarce at the moment. Until further notice, we've got the perfect game to help pass the time.