Free Whole Foods Delivery In SF

SF residents with Amazon Prime accounts, that is

Jealous that Whole Foods won't delivery your groceries to your door for free? In addition to Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach, the grocery store is now adding the perk for Amazon Prime members to an area that could probably use it the most: San Francisco.

According to Bloomberg, starting today Golden Gate residents can get grocery orders of $35 or more delivered to their homes for free in less than two hours. If you're a Prime member, you can just start adding items including organic produce, dairy and meat via the Whole Foods section of Prime Now. Plus, depending on the store fulfilling your order, beer, liquor and wine are also available for speedy delivery. You can even pay an extra $8 to get the groceries delivered in less than an hour. 

Don't live in SF proper? USA Today reports that East Bay and Silicon Valley are also included in this addition.