Is Chipotle's New Queso Good?

The Internet reviews have not been kind so far

The list of things that didn't live up to the enormous hype (CC: Taylor Swift's new album, male rompers) just got one item longer, thanks to Chipotle's new queso.

For years, we hoped Chipotle would add queso, the one missing element, to its menu like all its other cantina competitors. The Mexican chain was hesitant, citing the difficulties of creating an all-natural dip that was creamy and consistent. The dip it finally released is made without any additives or preservatives, and contains aged cheddar cheese, tomatoes, tomatillos and a variety of peppers, including jalapeños, chipotles, poblanos and bells.

Though the initial response from the New York City test locations was positive, according to the company, the backlash after it launched nationwide has been, to put it lightly, disastrous.


Some even pegged it a crime as egregious as the company giving customers E. coli not so long ago:

A few complained about both the texture and (lack of) taste:

While others lamented the thoughts of what could have been:

 So we had to try for ourselves. Though a few on team TT said they "would probably eat it drunk," it's safe to say that most of us will stick to the guac.