Where To Eat In NYC This Week

From BBQ brisket waffle fries at Fletcher's to dessert at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Each week, we at TT spend a few minutes of our food-filled days chatting about what we've eaten when we're not at work. We share the best new restaurants we've tried, the classics we've revisited and the dishes we won't soon forget. Recently, we realized we should be sharing that info with all of you, and showing love to the chefs and restaurants making these happy hour eats, late-night meals and lazy brunches so special.

To help solve your future dining dilemmas, we're sharing the very best things our team ate this week—and nothing's off-limits.

Did you have an unforgettable meal recently? Let us know in the comments.

Flan de Cajeta, Casa Pública

Brooklyn, NY

El Bulli alum Bob Truitt is serving up serious south-of-the-border bites at this lively new spot in Brooklyn, including an incredible caramelized goat's-milk custard with blueberries and almonds for dessert. Just make sure you don't skip over the savory side of things—the tostadas de jaiba are just what the doctor ordered on hot summer nights. -Jane Frye, Managing Editor

Chilaquiles, Añejo

New York, NY

I tried the chicken chilaquiles from Añejo over the weekend, and everyone at the table was jealous. The dish was made with a moderately spicy salsa verde—but luckily the brunch prix fixe came with three margaritas to help wash it all down. -Aaron Hutcherson, DINE App Editor

Meringue Dessert, Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Pocantico Hills, NY

This planet of a meringue capped off lunch at Blue Hill's renowned oasis, which deserves all the hype and more. It tasted like pure egg, not a sugar bomb of an afterthought that's the fate of most meringues. Rows of soaked groats, strawberries, rhubarb and tiny edible flowers rounded out the dish.

-Abby Reisner, Editorial Content Strategy

Fresh Spinach Pasta, abcV

New York, NY

Fresh spinach noodles topped with arugula and bread crumbs from Jean-Georges Vongerichten's vegetarian spot, abcV, are a must-try. It's the perfect light pasta, so don't feel guilty about eating the whole dish. -Jake Cohen, Food Editor

Beef Burger, White Maple Café

Ridgewood, NJ

After a few hours in the car, I stopped into White Maple Café for a late dinner. The house burger with Grafton Village cheddar, tomato jam and spicy mayo was exactly what I needed. This barely one-year-old bistro-style restaurant in the heart of Ridgewood is owned by a former Daniel alum and pulls on my heartstrings with its exposed-brick decor and strong focus on local and seasonal ingredients. -Rachel Vanni, Photo Editor

Avocado Egg Rolls, The Cheesecake Factory

Queens, NY

For a homesick Californian, chain restaurants have a certain way of transporting me back to the West Coast suburbs, from their eerily identical decor to food that magically tastes the same, no matter which time zone I'm in. The Cheesecake Factory is a prime example, and those deliciously nostalgic (albeit inauthentic) avocado egg rolls were well worth the hour-and-a-half wait. -Andrew Bui, Editorial Assistant

BBQ Brisket Waffle Fries, Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue

Brooklyn, New York

As a Brooklyn dweller, I'm always thrilled to see more dining options make their way into the neighborhood. Luckily, it doesn't get much more exciting than the giant, food-filled Dekalb Market Hall that just opened in Downtown Brooklyn. While the new food hall offers a plethora of incredible dining options like The Arepa Lady, Ample Hills Creamery and the first-ever expansion of Katz's Deli, the saucy, meaty, crispy brisket waffle fries from Fletcher's really hit the spot. -Bailey Bennett, Social Media Editor

Soft-Serve, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

New York, NY

With the temperature around 90 degrees in NYC, I decided to treat myself to a little ice cream. Simple vanilla soft-serve with rainbow sprinkles did the trick. -Delia Mooney, Editorial Assistant

Egg Sandwich, Rucola

Brooklyn, NY

I know I'm bucking the trend of the city I call home, but I hate brunch. I'm usually hungry before the acceptable hour of sitting down with friends, and a long meal with inevitable lines totally kills the day. (Noteworthy exception: If my hangover has already killed the day, then there's no better way to spend those painful hours than with sunglasses on, inside, in front of a tall Bloody Mary.) But the simple and gloriously cheesy egg sandwich at one of my all-time favorite restaurants might just change my ways. Rucola is hands down one of the most charming restaurants in the borough, the food is still outstanding, and the brunch, I discovered this weekend, is totally worth it.

-Alison Spiegel, Features Editor