Best Egg Cookbooks

It's time to crack the code on making the perfect eggs

Timing is everything, and right now eggs are having a moment. This versatile ingredient is a quick and wholesome breakfast for busy mornings but also something that can be turned into a beautiful dessert with a little technique. These three cookbooks will eggs-pand your mind when it comes to cooking with this a.m. staple.

① The Perfect Omelet, by John E. Finn

If you're struggling to make the perfect omelet, then check out this cookbook in which Finn explains the many factors to take into account, like ingredients, equipment, heat and cook time. He believes making a great omelet relies on trial and error rather than a recipe itself. Reading through this book, you'll learn about egg anatomy and nutrition, how to buy and store eggs, the different ingredients you can cook them with, and the best pans to use. Finn also discusses four techniques of omelet making and includes dozens of sweet and savory recipes, such as chicken-fried steak, Persian eggplant and soufflé with liqueur omelets.

The underlying message here is that our search for the perfect omelette comes through practice and experimentation. He writes, "The meaning of any recipe resides in the experience of making it. The way to cook, the title of one of Julia Child's masterpieces, is by cooking."

② All About Eggs, by Rachel Khong and the editors of Lucky Peach

This book has a collection of egg-centric food and drink recipes perfect for any occasion, plus enough facts to keep you talking about eggs for hours. Sprinkled throughout, you'll also find how-tos, guides and background information on where eggs come from, as well as proven substitutions you can use in their place. One section specifically discusses how eggs are incorporated into dishes around the world, like Scotch eggs in England, egg curry from India and shakshuka from the Middle East and northern Africa. 

③ Egg Shop: The Cookbook, by Nick Korbee

Open this book, and it's like you've taken a step inside the author's casual egg resto located in NYC. You can almost smell the fresh loaves as the book dives into the art of bread making and provides recipes for the panini roll, French hero and pizza bianca focaccia. It also briefly covers cheese making 101, as well as everyone's favorite breakfast sidekick with a recipe for Home Sweet Homemade Bacon. The rest of the book highlights the dishes that make Egg Shop a fan favorite, like everything from smoked salmon scramble on an everything biscuit to the avocado smash with heirloom tomatoes.

While eggs are obviously the main focus, you'll also be blown away by the other savory and sweet sides, sauces and drinks; think fried chicken, salted caramel bacon bread pudding and hot pickle butter. 

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