America's Best Breakfast Sandwiches

These stunners are just oozing with a.m. greatness

Whether it's from a fast-food chain, your local corner store or a restaurant, everyone has a favorite breakfast sandwich. The most versatile creation, it's both a reliable go-to when you need to recover from a long night out and an indulgent lunchtime treat, loaded with all the fixings like bacon, avocado and Sriracha mayo.

After some eggstensive research, we've pulled together a list of all the breakfast sandwiches we just can't live without.

① B+B at Court Street Grocers (Brooklyn and New York, New York)

This neighborhood gem is home to some of the tastiest sandwiches in New York. All of the breakfast choices are fantastic, but the B+B with soft scrambled eggs, Burgers' bacon, cheddar cheese and arugula served on Balthazar ciabatta is the true standout. 

② Bacon, Egg and Cheese at Eggslut (Los Angeles, California and New York, New York)

This smash hit attracts diners from all over the country willing to wait hours in line just for a bite of a bacon, egg and cheese piled on a warm brioche bun. Let's be honest, though, you can't really go wrong with anything on the menu. 

③ Deluxe Egg Sandwich at The Winchester (Chicago, Illinois)

Fresh, local ingredients like eggs from Slagel Family Farm and two-year-old cheddar from Hook's Cheese Co. take this standard breakfast sandwich to the next level. What really makes this item extra special, though, is the light layer of lemon aioli spread atop an egg-washed bun. It's the perfect Sunday-morning hangover cure.

④ Waffle Sandwich at Buvette (New York, New York)

This ultimate a.m. indulgence consists of a sunny-side-up egg, bacon, Gruyère cheese and maple syrup, served between two perfectly crisp buttermilk waffles. 

⑤ Birdies Breakfast Sandwich at Birdies (Los Angeles, California)

Located in Downtown L.A., this casual sit-down restaurant is known for three very important things: free-range fried chicken, coffee and artisanal doughnuts. This killer breakfast sandwich includes Birdies' famous fried chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, Tillamook cheddar, eggs and its special sauce.

⑥ Tequila Sunrise at Pavement Coffeehouse (Boston, Massachusetts)

Believe it or not, great bagels can be found outside NYC, and Pavement Coffeehouse's hand-made, kettle-boiled rings are proof. Don't believe us? Dive into the Tequila Sunrise breakfast sandwich, built with bacon, egg, pico de gallo and habañero cream cheese, which provides just the right amount of heat. 

⑦ B.E.C. Sandwich at Paperboy (Austin, Texas)

Austin might be famous for its barbecue but Paperboy is doing its part to put Texas-sized breakfast sandwiches on the map. The B.E.C. is made with thickly sliced bacon, a sunny-side-up egg and pimento cheese, stuffed into a toasted brioche bun. And for the full Southern experience, enjoy your morning meal while relaxing on the café's cozy patio. 

⑧ Kale & Smoked Gouda Pimento at Knead Bagels (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Weekend mornings are meant to be spent with coffee in one hand and a bagel sandwich from Knead in the other, and this beloved shop has dozens of traditional and nontraditional options to satisfy its many hungry customers. The kale and smoked Gouda with pimento spread is a fan favorite, and if you're craving a little meat, ask for a couple slices of bacon.