Black Ice Cream & Desserts Are Crushing The Unicorn Trend

We need a break from rainbows and sprinkles

We've seen the unicorn food trend take on a life of its own via our toast, our lattes and, most notably, our Frappuccinos. But for those of us who are sick of endless rainbows and sprinkles, the Internet (as always) has come to our rescue.

Just days after peak Unicorn Frappuccino frenzy, dark-gray almond charcoal ice cream from L.A. shop Little Damage started appearing everywhere. The smooth gray swirls are reminiscent of Morgenstern's black coconut ash ice cream, which debuted last summer.

These beautiful desserts, whether made with activated charcoal, dark rich chocolate or black sesame, deserve a spot on Goth plates everywhere.

So we're presenting you with best black desserts that will make you forget all about unicorn foods, Pegasus Frappuccinos and whatever eye roll-inducing trend comes next.








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