The 9 Best Food Experiences On Airbnb

From truffle hunting in Italy to a tapas crawl in Spain

Have you ever found yourself lost in a city, incessantly scouring Google Maps and Instagram geotags for some sort of "authentic" food experience—the outdoor market only chefs now about or the cocktail bar where bartenders hang out after their shifts?

Finds like these can be hard to come by, but Airbnb's new Experiences aims to help. With set itineraries ranging from three hours to three days, Experiences gives travelers a glimpse of their destinations through the eyes of savvy locals who really know what's up. Here now, nine of the best.

① Explore Local Markets in London

First-time visitors to London will discover that the city's vibrant food scene can be hard to figure out—so many Notting Hill charmers, so little time. Enter Aidan, a self-professed "market maestro." During his three-day tour, you'll visit insider-y restaurants in Tooting, sample locally made charcuterie and taste the goods at the Herne Hill farmers' market, all while chatting up purveyors and vendors.

② Indulge in Local Tapas in Barcelona

Barcelona's food culture promotes convivial outdoor dining with friends, and you'll get a lot of that when you hang out with tapas aficionado Marwa. Over the course of three hours, you'll explore the city's hidden side streets, meet restaurant owners and learn to carve jamón Ibérico off the bone, all the while indulging in Spanish wines, tapas, meats and cheeses

③ Savor an Authentic Persian Meal in San Francisco

Tempting as it may be to hightail it straight to spots like Tartine Bakery, San Francisco's food scene extends well beyond its most famous restaurants. During this two-hour crash course on the gastronomic traditions of Northern Iran, you'll gather in a tucked-away bistro that's completely off the tourist path and listen as local chef Hanif explains the thinking behind delicacies like saffron-and-orange pastries.

④ Bike and Snack on Soul Food in Harlem

Newcomers to Harlem's culinary scene often find it's hard to master—simply put, there are far too many options to choose from. But this three-and-a-half-hour bike tour offers a local's view. Harlem native Maxine will show you her family's roots and introduce you to some of the area's best food, all as you whiz past historic buildings, churches and jazz clubs.

⑤ Truffle Hunt in Florence

Who among us hasn't daydreamed about frolicking through the wildflower-flecked Tuscan countryside as a pup tags along at your heels? Thanks to truffle expert Giulio and his dog, Eda, this fantasy is now within reach. Over the course of two days, you'll learn the basics of truffle hunting, journey through the countryside to source and clean truffles, and cap off the adventure with—what else?!—a truffle tasting at Giulio's home.

⑥ Discover a Fusion of Latin Flavors in Miami

During this three-day tour, led by food blogger Alejandra, you'll discover the art of Miami eating. Feast on classic Peruvian ceviche at La Mar, learn to make Venezuelan arepas and eat your weight in classic Cuban dishes during a stroll through Little Havana. 

⑦ Forage and Feast in Cape Town

Cape Town is known for its internationally influenced food scene and its flourishing coffee culture. But during this three-hour experience, led by wild foods expert Roushanna, you'll explore the city in an entirely new way: by foraging for wild edibles. After sourcing your own plants like wild sorrel and African num-num berries, you'll prepare a feast with your foraged ingredients while enjoying botanical drinks like refreshing fynbos tea.

⑧ Sample Street Food Staples in Seoul

Plan a Bourdain-level tour of Seoul's best culinary secrets with the help of local writer Daniel. This three-hour adventure, geared toward the city's west side, includes the best barbecue joint in town, plus markets brimming with hotteok (sweet pancakes with syrup), chapssal (fried rice doughnuts) and cloudy rice beer.

Make a Vietnamese Meal in Sydney

Some may argue that Melbourne dominates Australia's culinary scene, but there are quite a few undiscovered gems in Sydney as well—and that's where Angie Hong, the restaurateur behind Sydney stalwart Thanh Binh, can help. Hong, mother of local celebrity chef Dan Hong (who helms Ms G's, Mr Wong and El Loco), leads a four-hour stroll through her favorite market, introducing tour participants to her go-to butcher, grocer and fishmonger. After buying ingredients, you'll decamp to her restaurant kitchen and whip up a Vietnamese meal.

Pack your passport—and an appetite—as we hit the world's hottest culinary destinations on and off the grid all month long. Now Boarding: your next trip to paradise