McDonald's Is Releasing 5 Shamrock Drinks

Go green or go home

Shamrock Shake season has finally arrived, and this year McDonald's is rewarding faithful followers of the Day-Glo milkshake with not just one but five varieties of the St. Patrick's Day cult classic, Brand Eating reports.

In addition to the classic Shamrock, you can now grab a Chocolate Shamrock Shake, which includes a thick layer of chocolate milkshake on the bottom of the cup. And since we can never have enough forms of the chocolate-and-mint combo (ask how many Thin Mints we still have stashed in our freezer), the golden-arched fast-food chain is also offering Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappes, Shamrock Hot Chocolates and Shamrock Mochas, all benefitting from a few pumps of the original shake's minty elixir. Oh, and for an extra hit of unnecessary sugar, all milkshakes come with a dusting of sparkling green sprinkles.

The shakes should be available soon, so stay vigilant for a series of bright-green cups during your next drive-thru run.