New Ben & Jerry's Flavor Taste Test

Bourbon ice cream? Yes, please.

We know there's someone whose 2017 New Year's resolution is to eat more ice cream. And now, once again, Ben & Jerry's is here for you.

The mega ice cream brand just announced three new additions to its pint lineup, and since we're not ones to pass up an advanced taste test—especially when ice cream is involved— we get the scoop on the latest flavors.

① Urban Bourbon

Still stumbling through Dry January? Here's your solution. Bourbon-spiked caramel swirls swim through a burnt caramel ice cream, the company's newest base flavor. One taster doesn't love how chock-full o'nuts it is, but you could also argue that the crunchy almonds complete the vibe—it sure beats a grubby bowl of bar nuts.

② Oat of This Swirled

There's a strong contingent of people out there who have been mourning their beloved Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ever since the flavor was retired in 2012. Case in point: There's a Facebook page with more than 2,000 followers devoted to bringing it back, and one Redditor even claims to have sent the company more than 100 emails requesting its return. Well, someone was listening, because this is a reimagined (and arguably more exciting) reincarnation of the former oat-filled iteration. The brown sugar base tastes almost like butterscotch, but the cinnamon cookie swirl and thick chocolate flakes are really what make it sing.

③ Truffle Kerfuffle

One taster puts it best, "Don't leave me alone with a full pint of this." This one's our favorite across the board, likely due to the highly addictive salted chocolate ganache weaving through the entire pint. In a world where the word salted is so often followed by caramel, the addition of chocolate makes this flavor truly stand out.

You'll be able to get your hands on these pints starting mid-February. Truffle Kerfuffle will also make an appearance at Ben & Jerry's many scoop shops, so look for us at the front of the line, spoons at the ready.