A Raw Cookie Dough Shop Is Opening

As anyone who has ever made cookies knows, the best part is what's stuck to the spoon. The batter that goes into the oven comes out just fine, but if it weren't for fear of food poisoning, we'd probably never eat a fully baked cookie ever again.

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DŌ founder Kristen Tomlan has found a way to remedy that, Grub Street reports. She makes cookie doughs with a pasteurized egg product and treated flour, which makes the dough safe to eat raw. Those doughs come in flavors like classic chocolate chip and the more adventurous Fluffernutter, with peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and Fluff.

Tomlan has been selling her doughs via delivery for two years now, but next week, she's opening a shop in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, where dough fans can swing by for raw-cookie ice cream sandwiches, cookie dough-scooped ice cream cones and "sanDŌwiches," which slip cookie dough or ice cream between two baked cookies. To temper that sweetness, the 15-seat shop will serve Toby's Estate coffee. For those who would rather enjoy their dough in the fluorescent glow of their refrigerators around midnight, there's cookie batter to go.