The Best Artisanal Halloween Candies 2017

Just say no to lame, stale gumdrops

You're never too old for trick-or-treating, but you do reach an age when you learn to just say no to sad licorice. This year, trade the usual suspects for their artisanal versions. We're talking grown-up Reese's Cups, cardamom bonbons and gold-dusted gianduja skulls.

Whether you hand them out to lucky kids or hoard them all for yourself, here are 15 ways to scare the fancy pants off everyone this Halloween.

① Zoe's Chocolate Co. Batalicious Bark

This snappy white chocolate peppermint bark is like an adorable bat-adorned version of the classic Andes mint.

Photo: Zoe's Chocolate Co.

② EHChocolatier Spooky Bonbon Collection

The cardamom, pumpkin pie and hazelnut praline flavors are so good they'll haunt you even after they're gone. Just don't come crying to us if you have nightmares during your sugar crash. 

Photo: EHChocolatier

③ Sugarfina Zombie Brains

Go ahead: Eat your brains out. These lifelike gummies from Sugarfina's Halloween collection have a sweet strawberry filling that oozes in a way Dexter would love. 

Photo: Sugarfina

④ John & Kira's Chocolate Pumpkins

If you carve through the chocolate shell, you'll find a happy mess of caramel spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Each hand-painted gourd is unique, complete with adorable green stem. 

Photo: John & Kira's

⑤ Valerie Confections Fall Box

Jack-o'-lanterns may come and go, but roast pumpkin seeds are forever. Here, the crunchy bits find their way into old-school toffee with bittersweet chocolate, just one of four treats you'll find in this seasonal assortment.

Photo: Valerie Confections

⑥ Veruca Chocolates Spider Web Bars

We especially love the butterscotch-like toasted white chocolate bar, which is studded with cocoa nibs and sea salt. Bonus: The (chocolate) spider is realistic enough to scare off anyone trying to steal your sweets. 

Photo: Veruca Chocolates

⑦ Finding Home Farms Maple Sugar Candy

These melt-in-your-mouth leaf-shaped treats are made from 100-percent maple syrup in the Hudson Valley. They might even inspire you to dress as a tree this year. 

Photo: Finding Home Farms

⑧ Seattle Chocolates Devil's Delight Truffle Bar

Think grown-up Reese's Cup, dotted with pretzels and dressed up for Halloween in a whimsical wrapper. Complete the trio with the equally good Choc-O-Lantern and Dead Sea Salt bars. 

Photo: Seattle Chocolates

⑨ FIKA Gianduja Skulls

These oddly lifelike miniature skulls have a nutty center of macadamia nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. And are covered in edible gold dust. Yes, gold dust.

Photo: Mouth

⑩ QUIN Popcorn Caramels

This one's for those ghouls who'd rather stay in than dream up a topical costume idea. Give the caramel popcorn balls a rest and keep these sweet-salty caramels with popcorn cream on deck.

Photo: Maggie Kirkland

⑪ Lock & Key Confectionery Vegan All Hallows Box

It was a graveyard smash indeed. This collection has a killer combination of flavors, like almond butter-filled gravestones and dark chocolate espresso bean spiders. Plus, it's vegan—no bones about it (literally).

Photo: Lock & Key Confectionery

⑫ Alma Dίa de Muertos Skeleton Pops

The fun doesn't stop once November hits. Celebrate the Day of the Dead with colorful chocolate on a stick, which is convenient and portable for all your graveyard stalking.

Photo: Mouth

⑬ Wondermade Fall Flavors Marshmallows

Perk yourself up during that lull between groups of trick-or-treaters with with chai, pumpkin pie, apple cinnamon and honey pear marshmallows. Whether that means throwing them in hot chocolate (bourbon optional) or smashing them in fancy s'mores is up to you.

Photo: Wondermade

⑭ Kollar Chocolates Maracas Owl

This Valrhona dark chocolate owl was made for shaking along to the infectious beat of Thriller. And when the song ends, you get to smash it open and eat the crispy caramel beads inside.

Photo: Kollar Chocolates

⑮ Godiva Mexico Dark Chocolate Orange & Ginger Bar

Everything else is black and orange, so this single-origin bar wanted to join the fun. Silky dark chocolate is speckled with pieces of ginger and orange peel for a Halloween experience that screams "I'm an adult now."

Photo: Godiva