How To Remove A Broken Cork

Here's an easy hack when you're in this unenviable situation

If you've ever broken the cork while opening a bottle of wine, you know it can turn a pleasurable activity into a panic-filled one. You might have even tried to MacGyver the situation—some suggest using a knife, hammer and nail, or even a boot to remove the broken cork—however, there's one fix that's as simple (and safe) as possible. A tip we learned from Tasting Room Director, Tim Gonzales, at Millbrook Vineyards & Winery.

Simply screw the wine opener back into the cork, just make sure it doesn't go all the way through. Then, carefully pull the broken piece out.

If the wine opener accidentally goes through the cork, strain the wine before drinking to make sure any pieces of cork are removed. The same goes if you've pushed the cork all the way into the bottle. No one likes cork debris in their Sauvignon Blanc.

The next time you break a cork, try this easy method. Because nothing should stand between you and that glass (or bottle) of wine.