The Cheap Kitchen Tool David Chang Uses All The Time

If you are wondering what kitchen gadgets you need in your kitchen, it may surprise you to learn that not every item comes with a hefty price tag. David Chang, the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, told GQ that when it comes to knives, a cheap $5 to $6 paring knife is a must-have in the kitchen. Chef Chang definitely has nicer versions of this tool, but because he uses it so frequently, he often reaches for the inexpensive and easily replaceable paring knife.

Chang really walks the talk on this one. He is often reviewing products and the paring knife makes reoccurring appearances. On Instagram, while promoting his brand of choice, Victorinox, he declared, "There's no reason to buy a fancy paring knife." According to Chang, he likes inexpensive paring knives because they can be sharpened, "they're cheap, and they're great for knife work" and "utility work." He'd even suggest them to professional chefs.

"Anything that's cheap, [has a] plastic handle, [and costs] under $10 is the paring knife for you," he stated.

The benefits of a paring knife

Why is a paring knife such an important tool in your culinary arsenal? A paring knife is a go-to for mincing, chopping, and slicing. Its size renders it easy to maneuver, especially when working with fragile ingredients that require a little TLC. Its blade isn't long, measuring between 2.5 to 4 inches long, a smaller version of a chef's knife. If you want to segment a beautiful piece of citrus, peel the skin of an apple for a fruit pie, or trim and hull strawberries, your paring knife is going to be your best friend in helping you get the job done.

Moreover, in his GQ interview, Chang cautioned kitchen gear lovers against buying a full cutlery set or block because you will never use all the different knives. Chang said that in addition to a paring knife, a chef's knife, and a 10-inch serrated bread knife are all any chef — both pro and novice — need to accomplish cooking tasks.