Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt

We're sorting out the facts about the popular snack

Coffee yogurt. Strawberry rhubarb yogurt. Sweet potato yogurt. The amount of yogurt options available at the grocery store has exploded over the past few years, and sometimes it's tough to sort out which one is the healthiest option. But there is one undisputed winner that has dominated the dairy section in recent years: Greek yogurt. But is it truly healthier than regular yogurt, or are we all being blinded by clever advertising? We explain.

When comparing Greek yogurt to regular yogurt, it's important to look at three critical factors: protein, carbs (including sugar) and fat.

Greek yogurt has significantly more protein than regular yogurt, but it also has about three times more saturated fat.

Most Greek yogurts have fewer carbs than regular yogurt; however, flavored yogurts often contain a lot of sugar, which increases the amount of carbs. An easy way to reduce the sugar is by adding your own sweeteners, such as honey, fresh berries or granola.

In the end, your preference depends on your own dietary needs and what the yogurt's being used for. With its thick and creamy texture, plain Greek yogurt is a great substitute in many sweet and savory recipes. You can use it to replace mayonnaise in chicken salad or as a marinade for chicken. The same can't be said for the strawberry rhubarb kind.