Recap: Episode 4 Of 'Martha And Snoop'

The recap series you never asked for, but we're giving it to you anyway

Hello again, readers, who are somehow still tuning into the dark hole that is Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. As always, I'm happy to serve as your source for commentary and confusion when it comes to our two culinary friends. We've now been together through three weeks of 4/20 jokes and inappropriate touching, and this week's episode is no exception.

It's a pajama party in the potluck kitchen, and Martha and Snoop are making breakfast for dinner. Ever wondered what Snoop would look like in a onesie? You're in luck. Martha and Snoop are clutching stuffed animals and snuggling in bed together onstage, so let's do this, y'all.

① To open the episode, Snoop finally says what we're all thinking, "Just to clarify, I'm not high right now. But whoever gave us this show must have been." (For reference, at this time Martha and Snoop are "lying" in the aforementioned bed, which is actually standing upright in the middle of the stage.)

② Guess what? More innuendo! Don't expect to hear about squeezing fresh lemon or rubbing butter on anything without it being accompanied by a sexual quip or obscene hand gesture. Did you know that Snoop and Martha "always" have their ovens set to 420 degrees? Because. . . you know.

③ For this breakfast-for-dinner feast, Martha's whipping up Gruyère popovers, which Snoop thinks "sound like fancy-ass Hot Pockets." Snoop is making waffles covered in maple bacon, which spurs a musical interlude about "bacon love."

④ In the show's true "most random guests ever" fashion, Keke Palmer and Robin Thicke make appearances. Don't worry, they're soon joined by Snapchat legend DJ Khaled, whose flowing pajama shirt is offensively unbuttoned.

⑤ When the crew sits down for dinner and DJ Khaled tells Martha he eats egg whites for breakfast, she replies, "You eat a little more than egg whites from looking at you." COLD, MARTHA.

And with that, I leave you until next week, friends. Try to go about your daily lives and don't think about that time Martha asked about Thicke's next "naked-ladies album."