The Cast-Iron Cookware You Need

They're the MVP of the kitchen

In the world of cookware, cast iron is the ever-dependable MVP: It holds onto heat tighter than Rose ever did to Jack, can last longer than Queen Elizabeth's reign and is so hefty it could be used as a weapon in a zombie apocalypse.

It also happens to make for a really good holiday gift.

Though cast iron can quickly escalate into the realm of luxury cookware, its popularity means deep discounts abound during the holidays. We've gathered the best deals on a wide variety of cast-iron cookware that no self-respecting cook would ever be able to turn down.

① Cooks Set of 3 Cast Iron Skillets ($60 $25)

With a mini skillet perfect for shakshuka for two to a full-size version with enough room to butter-baste a hulking bone-in rib eye, this full set of three skillets is a thoughtful (and inexpensive) Christmas gift.

② 6 Qt. Round Dutch Oven ($180 $90)

Perfectly sized for either a small braise or big batch of soup, this Goldilocks of a Dutch oven is now decently affordable to boot.

③ Staub Mini Cocottes ($300 $185)

Who needs a puppy for Christmas? We'd squeal with the same kind of delight if presented with an individual gratin of baked eggs at brunch the next morning.

④ Le Creuset Shallow Dutch Oven ($215 $130)

This versatile variant of the ever-popular Dutch oven is shallow enough to sauté bacon and onions, but has enough room to fit in chicken and red wine for a comforting winter braise.

⑤ Camp Chef Deluxe 12-Quart Dutch Oven ($84 $60)

While colorful enameled Dutch ovens need a bit more care (and are pricier), this 12-quart behemoth is perfectly happy sitting atop a smoky campfire.

⑥ 8" Tortilla Press ($50 $33)

The extra weight of this cast-iron press means you'll have an easier time pressing out thin, savory tortillas for your next Taco Tuesday.

⑦ Lodge Cast Iron Griddle ($24 $15)

The flat surface makes this the perfect vessel to cook tortillas, lacy crepes and fluffy pancakes. It also doubles as an ideal multitasking pizza stone.

Rome Old Fashioned Waffle Iron ($30 $20)

Unlike the plug-in varieties, a stovetop waffle iron isn't restricted by electrical wattage, so the surface can get much hotter and create the crispiest waffles possible—making them all the more resilient for when you inevitably drown them in syrup.

⑨ 14" Staub Cast-Iron Oval Gratin Baking Dish ($286 $150)

Since cast iron holds onto and transfers heat much more efficiently than other baking materials, this leads to an epiphany: extra-crispy edges on your casseroles.