'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up Plans Tour

Get ready for AC Sliders

The team behind Chicago's hit Saved By the Bell pop-up is taking their restaurant on the road next year, Eater Chicago reports. That's right, Preppys, the pop-up, dubbed Saved by the Max (inspired by The Max, the diner where the show's characters hung out after school) started this summer and has been booked solid with diners looking to relive their best glory high school days; hang out with show favorites like Mario Lopez, who has stopped by; and try the pun-filled menu of AC Sliders and Macaroni & Screech.

The team hasn't announced where they're taking the restaurant yet. They are asking fans to tell them where they should pop up. But before the team packs up their knives and memorabilia, they will extend their stint in Chicago for one more semester. Here's Mr. Belding's morning announcement with the details.