McDonald's Tests Guac And Table Service

There's maple bacon, too

McDonald's is going fancy, well, perhaps as fancy the world's most iconic fast food restaurant  can go. The company is testing out new ingredients like maple bacon, guacamole, grilled onions and dijon mustard at some locations. And once guests order them on burgers or sandwiches, their orders will be brought to their table. "The initial stages of [eating at McDonald's] can be quite stressful," CEO Steve Easterbrook explains to the Associated Press.

The mega chain has been testing out table service and kiosk ordering at 500 or so locations and now plans to roll out that idea to outlets in Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Washington and San Francisco next year. Here's how it works: Guests order from the counter per usual or from a kiosk and then have a seat. When the food is ready, it is brought to their table. The idea is to elevate the experience at McDonald's.

So far, customer satisfaction at the test stores has risen, but McDonald's is struggling to hold on to their share of the market, despite efforts like all-day breakfast, which started earlier this year. Another effort to catch up with the times? The company will be introducing mobile ordering and payment next year.