Design Your Own 3-D Printed Popsicles

Say hello to user-designed ice pops

When was the last time you saw an ice pop with artistic potential? Food tech start-up Pixsweet is taking on that challenge with its custom 3-D-printed popsicles. Using its online designer The Munchifier, you can upload your own image and Pixsweet's algorithms map it into a 3-D ice pop design.

The Pixsweet team isn't just focusing on the design element; they've partnered with local tastemakers for tempting flavor options like coconut milk with date syrup and blackberry with watermelon and lime. After finalizing your design and flavor combo, their production line prints out each popsicle in less than two seconds.

Before you start dreaming up peach emoji pops though, be forewarned: Pixsweet is currently only open to beta testers (sign up here to join the list) and only ships to the L.A. area for the time being.