How To Baste A Turkey Without A Baster

It's Thanksgiving morning, and you've probably been up since the crack of dawn getting your turkey prepped and into the oven. You're about to baste that baby for the first time when you realize you forgot to buy that thing you need exactly once a year: a turkey baster. Don't scream. Don't panic. We have two easy ways to finish your bird without a baster.

Use a pastry brush or (new) paintbrush

Either one will work just like a basting brush (emphasis on the new part, as we don't want any paint chips or bristles getting on the turkey). Dip the brush into the turkey drippings and "paint" an even coating over its exterior.

Grab a ladle or long-handled spoon

These are excellent to scoop up turkey drippings and pour them back over the top of the bird. Make sure the ladle has a long handle, so you don't burn yourself when crouched near the oven.

See? No baster, no problem. Your bird will never know the difference.