The Best Way To Peel And Cut Butternut Squash

Never fear peeling butternut squash again with this seriously easy hack

We might be in the thick of squash season, but that doesn't mean you should struggle with those, er, thick skins anymore. We've got an amazing trick that makes peeling butternut squash so much easier.

Stick the squash in the microwave to soften the skin before peeling.

Just a few minutes in the microwave means you don't have to worry about chopping off a finger when you're hacking at that rock-hard exterior. Watch the video above for a full demonstration of the following steps.

Prick the skin of the squash all over with a fork.

Slice off both ends of the squash.

Microwave the squash for about 3½ minutes. This softens the skin considerably.

Let the squash cool enough to handle, or use a towel to hold it, and simply peel away the skin.

That's it! The skin falls off with very little pressure after a few minutes in the microwave. And don't worry about overcooking the squash; those few minutes don't really affect the flesh. Once you've peeled with ease, you can cook the squash however you'd like.

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