The Top Halloween Candy In Every State

Are you living among Laffy Taffy lovers or Reese's Cup nuts? Let's find out.

Celebrating Halloween as an adult is significantly worse than when you were a kid. You're denied the chance to strut your stuff at the annual elementary school costume parade, and it's no longer acceptable to knock on the doors of strangers and get candy in return. Instead, you might buy bags of fun-size treats for yourself and devour one after another. But even if that's your plan on October 31, which kind of candy will you reach for?

While some prefer the chocolaty, caramely goodness of a Snickers or a Twix bar, others find delight in the sour sweetness of Sour Patch Kids or SweeTarts. Wherever you may fall on the candy spectrum, there are bound to be those who disagree. In an effort to settle the score, product review site Influenster surveyed more than 40,000 Americans to discover people's favorite candy in every state. The results are, in many ways, shocking. (Life Savers? Really?)

A closer look reveals that the candy of choice in the highest number of states is candy corn, a polarizing Halloween staple. Additionally, the candy that pulls the highest total number of votes turns out to be Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Influenster reports. In an even more surprising turn of events, Nevada wants to spend Halloween sucking on Life Savers and West Virginia thinks Oreos should be considered candy.

See the full breakdown of every state's favorite Halloween treat here.