Danny Meyer To Offer Revolutionary Parental Leave

New mothers and fathers will get two months paid leave

Danny Meyer, the man behind some of New York's most beloved restaurants—and who abolished tipping and fought for more equitable wages for his team—will start offering his staff paid family leave next year. While paid family leave is fairly standard in many industries, it is exceptionally rare in the restaurant world and often credited for the reason there are fewer women in leadership roles, particularly in successful restaurant kitchens.

Here's how it will work: New mothers and fathers (both biological and adoptive), who have worked for the company for a year or more will be paid 100 percent of their base wages for the first month and 60 percent of them for the month after, Eater reports.

Meyer's moves often have ripple effects in the industry, so this has the potential to impact a group much larger than Union Square Hospitality Group's staff.