Petition Demands Veggie Burger At In-N-Out

Vegetarians want a meat-free option

A new petition posted on is demanding that In-N-Out Burger add a veggie burger to its menu. The petition, which was launched last week by nonprofit advocacy group The Good Food Institute, already has more than 22,000 supporters who want the option to order a meatless burger at the popular fast-food chain.

The letter, addressed to In-N-Out president Lynsi Snyder, states, "As a company that prides itself on both customer satisfaction and ethical business practices, adding a meat-free option is a no-brainer. And by making this single addition, In-N-Out would be making a huge statement that it truly cares about its customers health and the health of the planet."

The chain does offer the option of ordering a sandwich with cheese and veggies—basically a plain grilled cheese sandwich – which obviously doesn't live up to the satisfying feeling of biting into a juicy burger, even if it's meatless.

A spokeswoman for Good Food tells the Orange County Register that "a 'cheese-slathered bun' is not a healthy solution for vegan eaters."

The group plans to send the petition to Snyder once it reaches 25,000 supporters.