Thomas Keller Offers Free Per Se Meal To Kids For Special Lunch

Keller plays to a (much) younger generation

Thomas Keller, who once allowed a four-year-old to "review" his restaurant, The French Laundry, will welcome first-time visitors 16 and younger to dine for free on a seven-course Sunday lunch at Per Se next month. Adult companions will pay $215 each ($40 cheaper than the usual Sunday tasting), The New York Times reports.

Pete Wells, the critic at the Times, torched the restaurant in a review back in January, which launched a Twitter storm among diners and chefs. The restaurant has been striving to get back in good graces with the public ever since.

No word if the four-year-old critic (who is now six-years-old), who described Keller's summer melon soup with Fresno chile, toasted cashews and wild arugula as a "Tinker Bell Popsicle," is part of that plan.