Kitchen Wars

The French Laundry's temporary kitchen is up for sale, so get your bid ready
Photo: Deborah Jones
French Laundry

What if you could cook in the kitchen of a three-Michelin-star restaurant? Even better, what if that kitchen could be all yours? Well, here's your chance: Thomas Keller's French Laundry is just about ready to move out of its temporary Yountville, California, kitchen into its newly renovated one, and the temp kitchen is going up for sale.

Since April of last year, Keller's crew has been cooking in a series of shipping containers, while the Napa Valley-based restaurant's main kitchen was undergoing renovations.

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Not just any shipping containers, of course: They were designed by architecture and design firm Envelope A+D and kitchen designer Tim Harrison. The 1,120-square-foot space, which was built to mimic the permanent kitchen, is outfitted with the "all of the equipment the restaurant has used during the past 10 years," Keller says in a Facebook post—and all of that will go to the lucky bidder who takes home the kitchen.

Photo: Deborah Jones

In the sentimental post, Keller says:

To the new owner: This kitchen is a unique piece of culinary history. It touched the lives of many guests and played a significant role in the lives of the chefs who have spent time working here before moving on to their own projects. My hope is that it finds a home where it continues to impact the lives of those who walk through its door.

Cooking for The French Laundry is a rite of passage that aspiring chefs dream about. Now you're one step closer to this fulfilling this dream. Plus, you'll not only be giving to yourself but also to a good cause, as proceeds for the sale will go to Edible Schoolyard NYC.

The restaurant has already seen some interest in the kitchen, so move fast. Interested parties are instructed to email tempkitchen@frenchlaundry.com for more information. "Happy bidding!" Keller says.

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