'Stranger Things' Fans Love Retro Snack Pack Pudding

Fans are calling Hunt's to ask for a return to the original packaging

If you're currently hooked on (or, like us, have already blown through) the new, sci-fi Netflix thriller, Stranger Things, you're probably feeling all kinds of nostalgia for things like cassette tapes, Eggo waffles, BMX bikes and Snack Pack pudding—in can form.

Thanks to a climactic scene in which character Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo) finds a massive stock of retro-looking pudding, fans are suddenly going crazy for Snack Packs. So much so that, according to TMZ, they're calling Hunt's to request a return to the old packaging.

The original tin packaging made for easy portable desserts that filled many a lunch box. But when kids started licking the tin caps and accidentally cutting themselves, Hunt's had to rethink its packaging. The tins were gone by the mid-80s.

The power of nostalgia is strong, however, and not lost on a company like Hunt's. TMZ says, "The Hunt people are no dummies . . . they tell us the throwback packaging may find its way to your corner grocery store . . . soon."

That's enough to get us excited—and rewatch the whole season again just to gear up.