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The trick you never knew for finding food shows and movies on Netflix
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Chef's Table

We all know the feeling of sifting through Netflix, only to find that we’ve either a) already watched every episode of Chef’s Table or b) can’t find anything that interests us. Well, late-night watchers and weekender bingers, rejoice:

We have the secret to finding hidden food shows and movies on Netflix.

According to Netflix’s blog, What’s on Netflix, the company has an extensive list of categories that will put you in a food-watching coma. You can now find all your favorite food shows and movies, and ones you never knew existed, all on one hidden page.

It’s easy to access:

① Insert the subcategory number you want to view (Food & Travel TV is 72436) in this URL: https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/INSERTNUMBER.

② Bookmark this page, because new categories are always popping up.

③ Surf through all the food-related shows you could ever want.


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