What To Buy From The New Eataly Downtown

Italy's second NYC location downtown opens August 11

The theme at Eataly's new downtown location is all about bread, and being that we are fellow "carbovores" here, we totally support that decision.

The Italian marketplace, located on the third floor of World Trade Center Tower 4, features an on-site bakery churning out bite-size Italian pastries (pasticcini), a food "university" (Foodiversità), a flatbread station (La Piadina Romagnola), grab-and-go breakfast options (Orto e Mare) and a fresh pasta counter. Carbs on carbs on carb. For the carb-averse (should you exist), there is also a fresh juice bar and salad stations.

However, Eataly is nothing like your average shopping experience; coffee bar by day, wine bar by night—the chefs and owners want you to be inspired (and hydrated) as you shop around. Even at the new location, Eataly is sticking to its true identity. The marketplace sells a variety of prepared foods perfect for lunch on the go or dinner at home.

We recommend you stick around for a bit, though, and relax in the beautiful space. For anyone who has visited the Eataly Flatiron location before, the marketplace can get, well, a little hectic. Adam Saper, CFO and partner at Eataly, explains how this location is structured more efficiently in that it is a big loop, so guests don't feel rushed and can browse counter to counter.

Luckily, we've built a handy shopping list for you, with the help of Saper, and Dino Borri, Eataly's international brand ambassador. Here are six things to buy during your first trip to Eataly Downtown.

Quality Olive Oils
It doesn't matter if you are a Michelin-starred chef or a home cook, everyone should have a high-quality olive oil in their pantry. This is one of the easiest ways to elevate your cooking; a drizzle of good olive oil is the perfect way to finish any dish. Pro tip: Check out the brand Mandranova.

② La Piadina Romagnola (Italian flatbread) by the Fratelli Maioli
This popular Italian street food is made fresh to order every day. Grilled flatbread is traditionally wrapped around a selection of meats, cheese, greens or sweet fillings. It's also worth noting that every month, a guest baker will be highlighted; September will be Kossar's bakers making bialys and bagels.

Vegetables Galore
Most people don't know this, but Eataly has a vegetable station where chefs will clean, wash and cut your vegetables for you at no extra charge—–similar to the service you'd experience at your local butchery. Make this your first stop, so you can shop while your vegetables are being prepped.

④ Afeltra Dried Pasta
This pasta is unique to Eataly and is made using 100 percent Italian grain cultivated in Puglia. The authentic pasta is freshly made, making it ideal for soaking up any sauce you toss it in.

⑤ Freshest Mozzarella
Your favorite fresh mozzarella bar is back. Every day starting at 7 a.m., mozzarella makers transform curd into mozzarella right in front of you. This is the perfect addition to that tomato salad or on top of pasta.

⑥ Salami Heaven
Salami, or as the Italian's say "salumi," is a must-grab item. Once you have this in hand, swing around to the cheese counter, where you can pick from 400 kinds of cheeses. Pro tip: Check out the brand Salumi Levoni.