The Best Boardwalk Eats On Instagram

The best summer boardwalk eats from coast to coast

This July, we're pledging allegiance to the food that makes this country great—specifically, the exciting things happening in our nation's culinary scene right now. Join us as we explore America!

If you grew up near the shore, you probably spent more than a few summer days strolling down the boardwalk. From the carnival rides, games and arcades to the food and drink, it's the best of childhood all in one place.

Packed with places to eat, the boardwalk is where you get a free pass to indulge all day long. Where else are fried Oreos, funnel cakes, cheese fries and ice cream acceptable to consume in the same day?

We've scrolled through Instagram to find the top beach eats from coast to coast. If you haven't strolled down a boardwalk lately, these 10 Instagrams will have you hungry for the shore.

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Asbury Park Boardwalk, New Jersey

Jersey Shore Boardwalk

Coney Island, New York

Coney Island, New York

Ocean City Boardwalk, Maryland  

Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk, California 

Seaside Heights Beach and Boardwalk, New Jersey

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Santa Monica Pier, California