Time-Saving Kitchen Appliances Every Millennial Should Own

Time-saving kitchen appliances every millennial should own

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Just because you're short on time doesn't mean you can't make a baller meal. Sure, we're not whipping up three-course dinners every night, but with the right gear, cooking on the regular becomes a lot more realistic—and efficient.

There is a slew of handy kitchen appliances out there to help speed things along, and we've rounded up some of our favorites. Equip yourself with these essential cooking tools, and your Seamless account will start feeling very lonely.

 Slow Cooker ($225)

Photo: Tasting Table

Don't be fooled by the "slow" part. A slow cooker is the ultimate time-saving device, because you plug it in and walk away. Once you have put the ingredients into the pot, you can go to work or about your day and return to a fully cooked meal. It doesn't get more convenient than that.

② Kitchen Shears ($11)

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An unsung hero in the kitchen, shears are great for chopping herbs quickly, slicing pizza, breaking down a chicken or just cutting up food. Don't underestimate the power of the shear.

 Platino Stock Pot with Lid ($70) 

Photo: Courtesy of AllModern

Another two-in-one gadget, this pot comes with a lid that also happens to be a colander. One less thing to worry about while cooking, one less thing to clean.

 Immersion Blender ($27)

Photo: Courtesy of Cuisinart

Don't waste your time with a bulky blender that's annoying to clean. With this handheld gem, you can blend contents directly in the bowl or pot you are mixing and cooking them in.

 Herb Scissors ($10)

Photo: Courtesy of RSVP

Chopping herbs can be tedious and time consuming, unless you have a pair of these nifty scissors. You can chop herbs directly into the pan or onto the plate, which saves you time and clean up.

 Mandoline ($100)

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Don't fear the mandoline. If you're careful and use one of the various food holders or finger guards, you'll learn to love, not fear, this slicer for all kinds of vegetables.

 Microplane ($13)

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Forget mincing garlic or ginger. This grater is your new best friend. It's efficient and keeps everything evenly sized. Of course, it's also the ideal tool for grating cheese and zesting citrus—no kitchen is complete without this jack of all trades.

 Smart Cutting Board ($16)

Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Joseph®

Why have a regular cutting board, and deal with scraping the contents from one surface to another, when you could have a foldable cutting board like the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot, which lets you seamlessly transfer from counter to pot in one fell swoop? Talk about efficiency.

 Pressure Cooker ($199)

Photo: Courtesy of Kuhn Rikon

What if you could cut your cooking time in half or more? It's all possible with a pressure cooker, which knocks the time it takes to make risotto from about 25 minutes to six, and braises from four hours down to one. It's a countertop dream come true.

 Salad Spinner ($30)

Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

No one likes soggy salad. Get a salad spinner and dry those greens in no time.