NYC's Springbone Kitchen Just Started Selling Meat Popsicles

NYC's Springbone Kitchen just started selling meat popsicles

If you thought summer—and the hope that people might come to their senses—meant you'd finally be free from the bone-broth trend, think again. Starting today, New York City café Springbone Kitchen is selling beef-broth popsicles, the New York Post reports.

Beef. Broth. Popsicles.

And it gets weirder, or more delightful, depending on your affinity for superfoods. This protein-packed popsicle is also made with coconut milk, pomegranate juice, raspberry purée and maple syrup.

In addition to the popsicles, Springbone offers a range of hot broths, with an even wider range of optional add-ins. You can try everything from organic kombu flakes to cocoa butter with your free-range chicken, pasture-smoke pork, grass-fed beef or seaweed miso broth. (Options appear to be limited only by their buzzworthy status. Organic turmeric? Check. Golden milk? Check.)

For now, the popsicles come only in the beef flavor. They're going for $4 a pop (get it?) and go on sale today. So get 'em while they're . . . er, cold.  You now have a whole new beast of an answer to the question, "Where's the beef?"