The Brexit Referendum Results - British Food And Drink

5 ways the shocking referendum will change the food and drink world

By now, you're aware of the latest shot heard round the world: the shocking news that the United Kingdom has voted to pull out of the European Union after 43 years. With it goes Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced he's stepping down, as well as the value of the British pound. But not everyone wanted to leave—including 71 percent of the UK's Food and Drink Federation. Even though this is a nation of islands, the news will surely affect everyone. Here's where it matters as far as food is concerned:

 The nation's high-profile chefs are primed to take action. Jamie Oliver said it with piecrust, taking to Instagram his thoughts on why the UK should stay.

 The pound's depreciation means that vacation to London just got a whole lot more affordable, and just in time for the Star Wars pop-up restaurant. On the other hand, a glass of wine at dinner will likely cost more.

 It's prime time to stock up on Jaffa Cakes, now that exports will be cheaper for the rest of the world.

 Food might start to speak louder than political debates. In advance of the vote, Paris citizens moved to show support via flaky croissants. The best part: the British woman who showed her thanks with a bagful of scones.

 Perhaps there'll be a repeat of the 2003 french fry renaming incident. Will English Breakfast turn into Freedom Breakfast? Whatever you call it, just don't take the black pudding and baked beans away.