What LeBron James And Steph Curry Eat - NBA Finals 2016

What's on the Cavaliers' and Warriors' plates, off the court

It's Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals, and so many questions are going through my somewhat-informed, mostly ignorant, but fiercely committed basketball fan brain. Can LeBron—ahem, the Cavs—adjust their game to come back after their devastating losses? Does Steph Curry even need to put on his jersey tonight? Why is Shaun Livingston such a beast? Why am I, an L.A. native, booing the Warriors? And, most importantly, are the locker rooms overflowing with PB&J?

Just as Van Halen stipulated no brown M&M's during their 1982 tour, we imagine these pro athletes have some specific requests when it comes to food, especially in the throes of the playoffs. Here's what we think the riders might look like for the Cavs and Warriors, minus J. R. Smith's postgame Champagne sipping.

? Gyros for days. The other half of the Splash Brothers, Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson loves a good gyro. "With the lamb and pita . . . so good," Thompson tells The Washington Post. It might seem a bit exotic for locker-room feasting, but Turkish-born Thunder center Enes Kanter got his team hooked on Turkish food, even leading OKC coaches to search for the best Turkish/Middle Eastern restaurants while on the road.

? No porking around. The Cavs' bruising forward has given up the other white meat for the past seven years. "It's helped a lot with my performance," James tells cleveland.com. But we're sure a few pies also have contributed to the Blaze Pizza investor's game. 

? Maynards, stat. Future Cooking Channel star (and current wife of Curry) Ayesha Curry may send the Warriors' point guard off with quinoa, chicken and sweet potato snack packs, but the man loves his candy. Specifically, British gummy maker Maynards.

? High steaks. After that elbow to the head heard around the world, will Cavs power forward Kevin Love ever fully recover? Maybe if he gets enough red meat. This one is a no-brainer favorite among players, including elbower and Golden State small forward Harrison Barnes.

? Bonus: conveyor belt. Warriors shooting guard Andre Iguodala is a true Renaissance man. Defensive genius. Master prankster. And sushi fiend. We bet the big man demands only otoro before the big game.

? The new Philly cheesesteak. Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving makes "healthy" turkey burgers sort of like Philly cheesesteaks (cooked down peppers and onions, American cheese). If that's what he made as Rookie of the Year back in 2012, THEN KEEP THEM COMING.

? No NOLA. Warriors power forward Draymond Green may be destroying the Cavs, but New Orleans cuisine was doing the same to his belly last year. "Has my stomach bubbling as we type haha," Green Tweeted after a rough few meals while playing the Pelicans during the 2015 Finals. Out you go, bananas Foster and muffuletta.

? THERE MUST BE PB&J. Stacks on stacks, seriously. This was an issue earlier this year for the Warriors when a ban on junk food on the team's private jet included the childhood lunchtime staple. There were arguments, fingers pointed and eventually resolution. "If you believe in something, you gotta fight for it," assistant coach (and future Lakers head coach) Luke Walton said.